"Gravity" REMEDY LIVE@Otsuka Deepa  2019-4-5
"Blizzard" LIVE@Nimandenatsu  June 9th 2018


"Gravity" LIVE@Earthdom Jan-8-2018
"Higher" LIVE@Earthdom Jan-8-2018
"Third Eye" LIVE@Earthdom Jan-8-2018
"Stonehead"REMEDY LIVE@Otsuka Deepa 2019-4-5
LIVE@Shinokubo Earthdom  August 12th 2018
LIVE@Hatagaya HeavySick  November 17th 2018
"Midnight Cralwer" REMEDY LIVE@Otsuka Deepa  2019-4-5
LIVE@Hatagaya HeavySick  November 17th 2018
LIVE@Ogikubo Club Doctor  January 16th 2019
LIVE@Asagaya Gamuso  March 9th 2019

LIVE Schedule

January 8th @Shinokubo Earthdom

March 4th @Shinokubo Earthdom

June 9th @Higashikouenji Nimandenatsu

July 7th @Inage K's Dream

July 14th @ Sangenjaya Heaven's door

​August 5th @Shinjuku Merry-Go-Round

August 12th @Shinokubo Earthdom

August 29th @Higashikouenji Nimandenatsu
November 17th @Hatagaya HeavySick
January 16th 2019 @Ogikubo Club Doctors 

February 22nd 2109 @Shibuya NOB

March 9th 2019 @ Asagaya Gamuso

March 15th 2019 @Shinjuku Live Freak
April 5th 2019 @Otsuka Deepa

April 11th 2019 @Koenji Show Boat
May 8th 2019 @Ikebukuro Chop

May 18th 2019 @Fussa Chicken Shack

May 21st 2019 @Asagaya Gamuso

June 1st 2019@Otsuka MEETS
July 6th 2019@Shinokubo Earthdom
July 13th 2019@Shibuya NOB

July 31st @Asagaya GAMUSO

August 4th @Shinjuku Merry-Go-Round
August 24th @ Shibuya Ruby Room

September 16th @ Earthdom

October 19th @ Inage K's Dream

October 31st @ Shinjuku LiveFreak

December 14th @ Koenji ClubLiner

January 11th 2020 @ Nakano Moonstep

January 29th 2020 @ Asagaya Gamuso




Shohei Gt/Vo
Morlly Ba

Kenny Dr

REMEDY is formed by Shohei a former frontman of "insecure"  and KENNY a frontman of "riseAbove" as well as Morlly a bass player of"Morllyheads". Crossing over stoner, grunge and  alternative into REMEDY's only sound.

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